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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question – What is the difference between a Secret Customer, a Secret Shopper, a Mystery Customer and a Mystery Shopper?

Answer – Technically, there is no difference between any of these terms. Today, all these terms are often used interchangeably to refer to any sort of secret customer program.


Question – We have a national company are you able to offer your services Australia wide?

Answer – Yes!, Secret customer Australia offers a national Mystery Shopping evaluation a training resource with excellent reporting and delivery options.


Question – I/We run a small SME business; do you have packages to suit our needs?

Answer – Yes, here at Secret Customer Australia we are able to design packages to suit any business of any size.


Question – We are interested in finding out more information on your Mystery Shopping services, how would we go about this?

Answer – There are several ways to do this, you can receive a full information pack simply by filling out the “Full Information Pack Request” form below or simply and perhaps in an old fashioned way… pick up the phone and give us a call on - 1300 88 33 16


Question – Why do businesses need secret shopper programs?

Answer – Most businesses need secret shopper programs to enable them in identifying the needs, opinions, and general satisfaction of their customers. Businesses regularly need such sort of information for effectively marketing their products and efficiently focusing their business resources. Some businesses need mystery customer programs to enable them in identifying problems pertaining to the honesty and integrity of their employees. Such problems vary from business to business, greatly depending on the type and size of the business. These problems may range from embezzlement issues at workplace, to under-the-table deals by employees, to issues regarding false reporting of revenue share by employees. 

Some businesses do not require a secret shopper program for any particular need, but rather want to implement a secret shopper program with an aim at comprehensive and efficient business management. These businesses usually require a continual secret shopper program. Such continual programs are a vital source of valuable information and data about their overall functioning and operation. The collection of such information and data via secret customer programs enables these businesses to not only bring about major structural changes in accordance with the growth and development they experience, but it also aids them in speedily identifying and efficiently targeting areas most in need of training. These training needs vary from business to business, and greatly depend on the sort of business activities a business entity engages in. For instance, retail businesses need to focus mainly on the retail training needs of their employees, while the focus of hospitality businesses is generally on hospitality training. Customer service training, on the other hand, is crucial for both sorts of businesses. 

Continual secret customer programs enable businesses implementing them to not only identify the needs of their customers, but also aid them in continually monitoring their needs and keeping track of trends in customer needs. This allows businesses implementing mysteryshopper programs to modify their products or services in accordance with the changes in their customers’ needs. Continual mysteryshopper programs also aid businesses implementing them in continuously monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction. Businesses implementing such programs are able to keep track of customer satisfaction trends. Doing so gives them the opportunity to modify their business strategies in accordance with changes in such trends. Another way in which continual mystery customer programs aid businesses implementing them is by allowing them to regularly monitor the integrity, honesty and trustworthiness of their employees. 

Regardless of what the business needs of a client are, Secret Customer Australia can efficiently design a secret customer program that fits those needs like a glove fits a hand. Unlike the programs offered by many other mystery shopping companies, the secret customer program designed by Secret Customer Australia are not stagnant, but are rather dynamic ones that can evolve as the client’s business grows and continuously change to accommodate the on-going needs of the client.

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