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Code of Conduct

‘Members Code of Conduct’

The Secret Customer Australia – ‘Members Code of Conduct’ is a strict set of rules and behavioural guidelines that all members of the Company and/or its associates MUST abide by at ALL times when conducting a ‘Visit” on behalf of a ‘Client’

Personal Compliance 

1. In order to perform a ‘Visit’ and or become an ‘Associate’ for ‘the company’ you must be at least 18 years of age.

2. In order to perform a ‘Visit’ and or become an ‘Associate’ for ‘the company’ you must have completed the complete compliance testing procedure as designed and administered by ‘the company’ and have received a completion certificate signed by a director of ‘the company’

When Executing a ‘Visit’

3. You must at all times remain anonymous to the ‘client’ and never make it known, either directly or implied that you are an ‘associate’ of ‘the company’ and or that you are conducting a ‘visit’ on behalf of ‘the company’.

4. You will always complete each ‘visit’ within the time frame stated.

5. You must inform ‘the company’ in any such circumstance where you are unable to complete the assignment immediately upon becoming aware that you are unable to complete the ‘visit’

6. You must always complete the required CPSM forms accurately and in detail, no areas of the form are to be left blank. 

7. You must at all times, when completing the CPSM forms, provide honest and truthful feedback.

8. You must with each and every ‘visit’ provide to the company using the online reporting system, within 12 hours of the ‘visit’ the completed CPSM form along with any additional paperwork necessary to complete the ‘visit’  including proof of purchase, which is a scanned copy of the receipt which is received when conducting the ‘visit’ and attached to the report. If a receipt is not applicable please refer to the scenario for the job for the correct image to attach to your report.

9. You must always conduct a ‘visit’ with an unbiased and open frame of mind.

10. If you receive an email assignment form for a ‘visit' and are known by any member of staff from that company, or ‘client’ you must not complete the ‘visit’ and inform the ‘company’ immediately so the assignment can be assigned to another 'associate'.

11. Please be aware that the scenarios, dates and details for the job are what our clients have requested and must be adhered to at all times, if they are not followed then your report may be rejected.

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