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Secret Customer Australia - On-site Mystery Shopping Programs

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Secret Customer Australia - On-Site Mystery Shopping Services

Here at Secret Customer our on-site evaluations are unrivaled in their accuracy and adaptability. We have our very own, exclusive software package that helps us ensure that your company specific reports gather and monitor the type of information that is important to you.

You decide on the frequency of the visits and how you would like the information presented and who you would like the information presented to. As much as our programs are designed and tailored to suit your needs you will always have access to our team of customer service and data experts to guide you through the process and make sure you are using the most effective tools for your business.

Our fully trained and vetted secret customer associates will visit your stores as any other customer and give you the feedback that is most useful to you in improving your processes. Our whole team are looking for any piece of information they feel would benefit you and will always take the time to explain why they feel it is useful to you.  

The ‘Secret’ to our continued success is that our whole team truly and passionately care about yours… 

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