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10 Benefits of a Mystery Shopping Service

10 Benefits of a Mystery Shopping Service

Written by Marci Bikshorn

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?10-Benefits-of-a-Mystery-Shopping-Service&id=6544262

The way in which a business manages its goods and services is unique to any other business, as is their consumer selling strategy. Although there are many paths to success in business, they are all lined with the same basic stones. One of those key stones is customer service, if the customer is not happy your business will not thrive. Below are ten major reasons that any business should explore a mystery shopping service that will enhance their current customer service practices.

Decrease CRM Cost - The data used for Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is often expensive and slow to aggregate. A quick an inexpensive solution to this is a mystery shopping service.

Instant ROI - Identifying non-compliance to trained best practices within a business is what a mystery shopper is trained to do. Immediate feedback will result in a faster improvement process for your business. A faster turnaround means an increased ROI.

Benchmarking - The supporting pillars of customer service are your customer service representatives. Poor performance from these representatives can have a great impact on your business. Even the slightest setbacks can be identified by a mystery shopping service and catapult the performance of your representatives above the competition.

Reaching Desired Results - A company's goals are measured in a number of ways. One way that is less ubiquitous in the business world is instant feedback. A mystery shopping service allows your company to measure their desired customer service results fist hand.

Adding Profits - Customer dissatisfaction is often unknown by the company. This break in the communication comes from the fact that unsatisfied customers are more likely to complain to their family and friends about a poor experience than to the company. Not returning to the company is another result of a poor experience. This could be occurring in your business if your revenues are not increasing and do not know why. A mystery shopper will be able to identify this break in communication.

Professional Analysis - A mystery shopper is able to evaluate a business's customer service much more effectively than a regular customer. Each shopper has been educated about your business and your best practices and because of this can offer more insightful and effective help.

Detached - Internal review of customer service can be affected by company bias. A mystery shopper provides a third party evaluation of your business's process.

Solid Deliverables - A mystery shopping service not only provides you with a written report, but your service process can be recorded by both audio and video, providing you with a complete understanding of your customer service plan.

Expanding Service - The use of mystery shoppers is growing in almost every industry. Traditional areas such as retail stores, movie theaters, restaurants, hotels, healthcare, and manufacturers have always seen results with a mystery shopping service. Today these services are also being used to improve larger industries and categories such as city services.

Profitable - A successful business is rooted in customer satisfaction. A recent survey completed by American Express and featured on the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) website found that mystery shopping programs are an effective method to improve a business's customer satisfaction plan.

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