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How to Make Money Through Mystery Shopping

How to Make Money Through Mystery Shopping

Written by Domenic Mete

Source:  http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Make-Money-Through-Mystery-Shopping&id=3958396

You might have come across paid shopping or mystery shopping before and have wondered if these claims are really true. This after all would be every woman's or even man's dream. Imagine shopping for merchandise which is free and earning money to do it! Mystery shopping is similar to paid surveys in that due to the need for consumer opinion, companies will pay you to shop at their outlets and for you to give your opinion.

What Is A Mystery Shopper?

A mystery shopper is a free agent, an expert shopper who is hired by large retail, restaurant, and movie theatre chains to overlook how their local stores are operating and to ensure that their customer service is appropriate, that their stores are clean, etc.

Banks, hotels, casinos and other service providers also use mystery shopping services.

Most mystery shoppers are mainly part-time, independent contractors who wish to make extra money. Mystery shopping assignments are often flexible and can be easily organised to fit around other work, school, or family plans.

A mystery shopper's task would be to simply observe a store and how it is operating. The mystery shopper would behave like any other customer and would actually going in and purchase an item. They are given a report sheet that they need to complete where they are asked several questions in regards to the shops operation. After a mystery shopper has completed this report they give a score of the report and send it to management.

These reports are then shared with their employees so they can make informed assessments in regard to their operations and how they can improve in their customer service and so on.

The beauty of mystery shopping is that you are getting rewarded twice. First you get to keep the items at no charge plus you receive compensation for completing the assignment.

Mystery shopping is the perfect part-time job but can also be full time job. Mystery shopping is a serious business and is not only about getting paid to eat or shop but in making an accurate assessment and observation of your experience.

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