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Role of Secret Customer Programs in Retail Training

Retail business is all about customer service. All of your competitors carry more or less the same sort of products you sell at your store, and at more or less the same prices. What really gives your retail store an edge over your competition is your good customer service. Credible research shows that most retail customers are willing to pay substantially higher prices in order to shop at a retail establishment that offers exceptional customer service. But exceptional customer service provided by the staff at any business establishment requires equally exceptional retail training.

How does retail training enhance your customer service?

Good retail training enables your staff to enhance your customers’ shopping experience by providing customer service to their satisfaction. Retail training equips members of your staff with customer service tools like good communication skills, good assessment skills, good negotiation skills, tact, patience, the ability to empathise, good sales skills, product knowledge and time management skills. These customer service tools are necessary for providing your customers a shopping experience that makes them return again and again.

Retail training can cost you a considerable amount of money, but such programs are necessary if you are to adequately train members of your staff to provide good customer service to your valuable customers. But before you implement any retail training programs at your retail store it is necessary that you make certain evaluations. For instance, you need to evaluate and measure your current level of customer service. You also need to determine the aspects and areas of customer service that are most in need of improvement. Furthermore, you need to determine which members of your staff need training, in which areas and to what extent, and which ones don’t. That’s because you don’t want to waste valuable resources on duplication of training. Moreover, you will want to focus more on areas of customer service or staff members that are more in need of training than others.

How can secret customer programs help in evaluating the retail training needs of your staff?

Getting your customers to point out the flaws in your customer service is a bit difficult. Most customers don’t like making formal complaints about bad customer service because they think that doing so will make them look bad. Consequently, they try to appear satisfied and happy even when faced with appalling customer service. They’d rather go elsewhere than confront your staff about bad customer service. Thus, it is a bit difficult to tell whether your customers are genuinely satisfied with your customer service or not. In fact, the only indicator showing that your customers are dissatisfied with you is the plummeting of sales, and by then it is too late. You need a way to evaluate your customer service levels and determine the flaws and inconsistencies in the customer service your staff provides, so that you can implement retail training programs accordingly.

Secret customer programs can be of great help in determining the flaws and shortcomings in the customer services provided by your staff members. Secret customer programs not only help you in evaluating and measuring your customer service levels, but also enable you to keep track of your customer service by measuring trends in your customer service levels. You can easily notice a downward trend in your customer service levels on time and take necessary steps before your customers notice the same and leave. Sometimes the deterioration in your customer service levels is due to lack of adequate retail training, for instance, if a few experienced staff members leave and are replaced by younger and inexperienced individuals, there can be a sudden downward trend in your customer service levels which, if allowed to go unchecked, can result in serious customer dissatisfaction. Secret customer programs can come in handy in such situations as they can help in determining which staff members need retail training and to what extent.      

Secret customer programs can help you in knowing how customers feel when they do business with you. They can also help you in knowing how your staff members interact with customers while serving them. You can determine which staff members are good at providing customer service and which ones need further retail training and coaching. Once you evaluate and measure the levels of customer service provided by your staff members and also determine the flaws and shortcomings in it, if any, you will be in a better position to determine the sort and extent of retail training programs that need to be implemented at your retail establishment.

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