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An Introduction to Mystery Shopping and Mysteryshoppers

Apr 11

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In Australia too, the mystery shopping industry has grown significantly in the last couple of decades. That’s because more and more Australian businesses, ranging from very small ones to big, multi-million dollar enterprises, are focusing on customer service and heavily investing in mystery shopping and mysteryshoppers.


Nowadays, the mystery shopping industry caters to clients belonging to a wide variety of industries. In addition to the more typical service-oriented industries and sectors, such as the hospitality and retail industries, the mystery shopping industries also caters to clients belonging to unconventional industries, such as the banking industry, insurance industry, automobile industry, real-estate industry, and many more.

This significance rise in the use of mysteryshoppers by businesses belonging to various industries is a direct result of an increasing realization among business owners that mystery shopping is a very critical marketing tool that allows them to build customer loyalty like no other marketing tool, no matter how costly. They are now realizing that they need to connect with their clients on an entirely new level and offer much more than traditional smile in the name of customer service.

The importance of good customer service for the survival and success of a business, especially one operating in the retail industry is undeniable. If a business is unable to offer good customer service, the owner cannot expect the customers to return the next time. This age is the age of alternatives and every business has a fair number of competitors to offer customers a better alternative place to shop – one that actually cares about providing good customer service and a pleasant shopping experience.

Mystery shopping and mysteryshoppers provide companies an opportunity to identify the flaws in their customer service and take steps to bring about an improvement in it by getting independent, credible feedback from people who visit their business establishments and objectively judge the level of their customer service. The mysteryshoppers help the businesses who hire their services improve their customer service and get paid in return. Mystery shoppers usually get paid in two forms – in cash and in the form of free perks and benefits.

The amount of money a mysteryshopper gets paid greatly varies, depending on the type of business involved and the amount of time and effort required to complete the mystery shop. It is therefore very difficult to indicate what a mysteryshopper will make in a week, month or year. Please note that the rates mentioned below are only to give a general idea about what you can expect to get paid for a mystery shop. What you will actually be paid may differ significantly from the amounts mentioned below. A mysteryshopper can expect to get paid anything between $10 and $30 for a mystery shop involving a retail store. A mystery shop involving a movie theatre may fetch between $10 and $50. Mystery shops involving flower shops, etc., may fetch $30 to $100.

You cannot expect to earn an income of thousands of dollars a month working as a mysteryshopper. This is the reason why the dominant majority of people associated with the mystery shopping industry work occasionally or part-time. A very small number of mysteryshoppers choose to pursue a full-time career in the mystery shopping industry. However, depending on your skills and the amount of time and effort you are willing to invest in mystery shopping, you can make a substantial amount of money in cash and free perks and benefits every month. Remember, mysteryshoppers are always in demand and there are always numerous mystery shopping assignments out there – you only need to locate and complete them.

Secret Customer Australia is fast becoming one of the leading mystery shopping companies in the country. Secret Customer Australia offers high quality and professional mystery shopping services to businesses in a wide array of industries and sectors and also offers great, well-paying mystery shopping jobs to both new and veteran mysteryshoppers.

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