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Mystery Shopping in Sydney

Are you a Sydney business owner who is looking to identify problems within your firm, improve the way you do business, or grow your client base? Perhaps you have noticed a drop-off in customers and wish to rectify the situation, or do you have the feeling your staff are not performing as well as they should be, but need an unaffiliated third party to confirm your suspicions?

Whatever your business goals, Secret Customer Sydney can get you on the right track and help iron out any issues to avert future problems, through mystery shopping feedback and opportunities for you to review procedures and train staff to better customer service.


Improve Your Business and Increase Profits

This is where we come in. Our mystery shopping Sydney service can enhance your competitiveness and bottom line by identifying and resolving problems and areas ripe for an overhaul, streamlining processes and ensuring your staff customer service skills and etiquette are exceeding expectations.

Our mystery shopper Sydney personnel will work together with you to outline what outcomes you desire from our service. Once we have a clear idea where you would like to see your business improve we will tailor question groups and KPI’s to make sure the information gleaned will help achieve these results. With our guidance the program will be introduced to your staff and we will arrange, carry-out and report the necessary tasks to improve your business’ customer satisfaction and retention ability.  


Sydney Facts and Figures and What all this means for Businesses

Sydney enjoys some of the best living standards in the world, with a cosmopolitan lifestyle close to beaches, waterfront spaces and leafy suburbs, with ski fields, rural farming villages, the Hunter Valley wine region and Blue Mountains all within driving distance, it truly is one of the most liveable and beautiful places in the world.

The great quality of life available in and around the city, plus its high-class hospitality, arts and cultural scenes, as well as, man-made and natural attractions make it a beacon for tourists year round.

Sydney Tourism and Revenue Figures

The latest end of financial year tourism report for 2014 indicates the number of Sydney visitors is increasing year to year. 2014 has seen an extra 6.5% of international overnight visitors and an extra 11.9% of domestic travellers flooding into the city compared to last year. 55% of international overnighters visited Sydney for holiday and pleasure, spending almost $6.2 billion, while 45.5% of domestic travellers also came for a vacation, injecting $2.3 billion into the local economy. The most common activities were naturally eating out and shopping for pleasure.

The city is a multicultural mecca and Asia-Pacific business hub with world class telecommunications infrastructure, public transport and a well-educated workforce, but, despite all the positives, the state of the economy and other factors have been causing much concern amongst Sydney business owners.

The latest Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry small business survey for September 2014 has found that the Australian economy is continuing to deteriorate and sales revenues are down, wages are going backwards, small business profits remain depressed and demand for goods and services are remaining steadfast. Business and government taxes and charges coupled with local and import competition have been squeezing businesses. Reduced consumer confidence, increasing cost of living, lack of job security and lack of jobs as such, as well as widespread casualization of the workforce has meant consumer confidence has taken a nosedive.  

What this all means is that most people across Australia are unsure of what the future holds. Many are keeping their wallets closed, or, are cutting back when it comes to leisure spending.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO, Kate Carnell, sums it up succinctly:

“Small business continues to feel the brunt of poor sales and profit results and so they lack the appetite to take risks and expand. Worryingly, their expectations are getting worse, and while there has been a little improvement in some aspects of the survey, most small business operators are concentrating on just keeping their heads above water.”

In these uncertain times business owners and managers need to be doing all they can to give their business a leg-up on competitors to remain profitable and keep their doors open. 

Using Secret Customer Mystery Shopping for Your Business

Give your business the advantage by getting unbiased reliable opinions about your products and services. When you engage the secret shopper Sydney services you will benefit from:

·         On-site, customised secret shopper evaluations of your premises, goods and/or services, systems, protocols and staff customer service ability by trained and vetted experts. Our shoppers will purchase goods and/or services for reviewing purposes.

·         We use a specialised software package which enables us to present you with accurate reports which analyse and monitor the information you indicated is most important to your business.

·         An adaptable service where you can choose how often our mystery shopper Sydney visits your business, as well as, who and how you receive our reports.

·         Complete access to our customer service team and data specialists who will make sure you understand the information presented to you and ensure the business tools in place are as effective as possible.

·         An entire dedicated team who are constantly on the look-out for information which can benefit your business.

·         You will be kept in the loop, granted assistance whenever you need it and given plenty of feedback, feedback and more feedback.

Make sure your business is ticking all the right boxes and give you competitors a run for their money by investing in the best mystery shopping Sydney services with Secret Customer.

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