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A Great Way to Show Appreciation for a Local Business that has provided an Excellent Customer Experience!


'Tick-Pics' - Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is 'Tick-Pics'...?

A - 'Tick-Pics' started life as a Facebook page to help people who wanted to reward their local businesses who provide them with great customer service. The idea is simply this... When you have a 'great customer experience' when you are out and about with friends or family and feel that you would like to talk about this with your friends, 'Tick-Pics' is a great platform to be able to do this and share with thousands of people... it's a bit of free publicity for the business you like because they gave you great service... 

This is how it works.... a 'Tick-Pic' It’s a photo of you standing outside the business you have had the great experience at, pointing to their signage in a way that your thumb and forefinger form the shape of a tick, then comment on the photo as to why the experience was so great, post to the Facebook page and share with all your friends… Simple!


Q - Is there a cost involved with 'Tick-Pics'

A - NO, absolutely not, 'Tick-Pics' is a completely free service for people to use.


Q - What is Secret Customer Australia's involvement with 'Tick-Pics'

A- We simply provide the Facebook page and the webpage space for the 'Tick-Pics' community to use, any businesses found on 'Tick-Pics' are not necessarily customers of ours. The team at Secret Customer just thought it would be a great idea to give people this type of opportunity to support their local businesses.


Q - What are the rules about posting to 'Tick-Pics'

A - The rules are simple... 
  • All comments must be positive, if you didn't get great service… don’t post
  • Post must be honest – No business owners promoting their own businesses please…
  • You can only post a picture of you and that business once… no multiple postings for the same business...
  • All photos must be of you and you must be making the tick gesture with your hand!
  • No phone numbers, website or email addresses included in the text / comments that you write or the post will be removed.
  • Share, Share, Share…

Q - Can you only post "Tick-pics" about Australian Companies?

A - NO, absolutely not "tick-pics' can be posted from anywhere in the world! Get involved!


Q - What is the URL for the 'Tick-Pics' Facebook Page

A - Follow this link to 'Tick-Pics' - Click Here

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