Great customer service can and will catapult any business into a booming success story...
Bad or even average customer service will send your business down a very slippery slope to almost certain failure...


What We Do Here @ Secret Customer Australia...

We enable you and your business to stay ahead of your competition by providing timely constructive feedback on how your business is being perceived by your most important asset, your customers. We will help you keep them coming back time after time increasing your turnover and your reputation.

This type of information, if used correctly can ensure your business is offering what your customers want in the manner in which they expect.

We can also provide specialised, industry specific training courses and consulting advice for clients looking to make improvements to their processes.

Why Use Secret Customer Australia?

There are many Secret Shopping and Mystery Shopping Companies out there so what makes us different?

In a word I think the best way to describe the difference is ‘Genuine’…

We have a genuine desire to help you improve your business, which is why we don't just offer you the feedback we receive from our fully trained and 'genuine' Secret Customer Associates but we also offer you the advice and knowledge of how best to use that valuable information.

Our management team have ‘Genuine’ experience  across a wide variety of industries including Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment & Leisure as well as having the training and consulting experience to assist you in your genuine desire to offer excellent service to your customers.



How Do We Do it?

We have developed a unique and very client specific software program to help us produce a far more effective Secret Customer experience for all of our clients.

We know that every business is unique and therefore every Secret Customer visit needs to be as well. The days of generic, off the shelf forms are long gone.

Our feedback forms are developed with your consultation and are specifically designed to suit your business, you can add any sections you require and as many questions as you require, ensuring the information you receive is the most relevant and valuable as possible.



More Direct Benefits of Our Secret Customer Programs

What are some of the immediate and direct benefits of a secret customer program designed by Secret Customer Australia?

Some of the immediate and direct benefits of a secret customer program designed by Secret Customer Australia are:

Determination of Customer Satisfaction Levels

A secret customer program designed by Secret Customer Australia will enable you to determine whether your customers are satisfied with your products or services or not—and if not, why not? Furthermore, such a program will also help you in evaluating and measuring your customer satisfaction levels.

Improvement of Customer Service

Our secret customer program will enable you to greatly improve your customer service by not only aiding you in the identification of the flaws and shortcomings in your customer service, but also enabling you to monitor your customer service trends. Keeping track of the trends in your customer service levels gives you the opportunity to promptly identify any downward trends in your customer service levels and remedy them before your customer satisfaction deteriorates.

Timely Identification of Problems

A secret customer program designed by Secret Customer Australia helps you in the timely identification of problems in the functioning and operation of your business. Whether such problems are big or small, you are able to identify them and determine their extent and finally remedy them before they can cause serious harm to your business.

Identification of Training Needs

Our secret customer programs enable you to identify the areas of your business that are most in need of training. Our programs also help in the identification of the training needs of individual employees. Such identifications are important as they enable you to implement highly targeted training programs that mainly focus on priority areas or employees. Doing so lets you use your limited training resources much more effectively and efficiently.

Check on Employee Integrity and Honesty

Secret customer programs designed by Secret Customer Australia also help you in keeping check on your employees as regards integrity and honesty. Our programs can greatly assist you in the identification of any employee integrity issues at your business establishment.

Increased Profitability

Our secret customer programs help you in improving almost every aspects of your business. You are able to effectively monitor your customers’ needs, constantly evaluate their satisfaction levels and always know what they expect from you. You are able to identify and remedy problems in a timely manner. You are further able to identify your employees’ training needs and keep a healthy check on them. All this is bound to bring about great improvements in your business and increase your profits.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

– We have a national company are you able to offer your services Australia wide?

Answer – Yes!, Secret customer Australia offers a national Mystery Shopping evaluation a training resource with excellent reporting and delivery options.


Question – I/We run a small SME business; do you have packages to suit our needs?

Answer – Yes, here at Secret Customer Australia we are able to design packages to suit any business of any size.


Question – We are interested in finding out more information on your Mystery Shopping services, how would we go about this?

Answer – There are several ways to do this, you can receive a full information pack simply by filling out the “Full Information Pack Request” form below or simply and perhaps in an old fashioned way… pick up the phone and give us a call on - 1300 88 33 16

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