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Ever imagined getting paid to shop and dine out? At Secret Customer, you can become a mystery customer and play a key role in enhancing customer service across Australia. Whether you’re critiquing a retail store, a restaurant or a service provider, your insights will help businesses improve and thrive.

Getting started is super simple! Just fill out our online application and complete a brief training, and you’re ready to get started. As a mystery shopper in Australia, you’ll have the flexibility to choose assignments that fit your schedule, visit various locations and provide valuable feedback that contributes to real change.

We want to change the world!

We want to help make the world a happier place to live!

We believe we can help do that, one happy customer at a time!

We believe that if we can help our customers make their customers happier we will go some way to achieving our goal!

Do you want & believe the same things as we do? then sign up Secret Customer Australia and help us achieve it!

As well as helping to make the world and happier place, becoming part of the Secret Customer Australia network of consultants is a fantastic way to earn some extra cash as well as having fun. Imagine getting paid to go to the movies, eat out at a local restaurant or to buy a new pair of shoes? It’s not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows of course, there is a serious side to it all. We are providing an invaluable service to our clients and helping them monitor and improve the service they offer to their clients. All secret customer programs are not the same! – Here at Secret Customer Australia we offer our consultants an opportunity to really get involved and make a difference… Once you have completed the free on-line training and when jobs become available in your area you will be notified and if you accept the job you can earn extra cash whilst out and about doing the things you enjoy.


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Why become a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shopping is a great way to earn some extra income whist doing the things you already do and enjoy. Your assignments might be to visit a local café or restaurant, cinema, local attraction or another local business.

You simply visit your chosen location as you would as a normal paying customer, once you have finished your visit you fill out an online questionnaire explaining how the visit went and what you observed whilst you were there.

You are then reimbursed up to your allowance, which is explained before you go and paid an additional payment on top of that.

How much am I paid per job?

The payment per job vary based on how long the assignment may take and how much is involved, you will be emailed all the detail including the amount being offered for payment for each job and then you choose to accept the job if you wish. You will be paid a minimum of $20.00 per job up to a maximum of $80.00

How many jobs do I have to do?

You can choose to do as many or as few as you like, you are not obligated to do a specific number so you get to choose the ones you really want.

How many jobs can I expect?

There are no guarantees of any number of jobs as it all depends on the areas you have chosen to work and the clients we are working with at the time, you will be alerted by email when jobs become available, if you wish to make Mystery Shopping a regular part of your income then we suggest you register with a few agencies so you have a regular flow of work.

How am I paid?

After your report has been accepted by our QA team you will be paid within 14 days, straight into your nominated bank account.

How do I find out about jobs?

You will be emailed about jobs that become available in your chosen areas.

Do I need an ABN number?

An ABN number is a great idea to have if you are looking to do Mystery shopping on a regular basis, alternatively, if its suits your personal tax situation you can send us a completed ‘statement by supplier’ form that you can download from the ATO website.

Will I be an employee of Secret Customer Australia?

No, you will a subcontractor and therefore must sort out your own tax at the end of the financial year.

What is the next step?

There are four simply steps to becoming a shopper with us…

1. Register your details (by clicking on the ‘Click Here to Register’ button below)
2. Complete the four compliance tests located in the members areas of the website, all tests must be passed at 100% and can be taken as many times as you like.
3. You will then be emailed instructions on how to complete the online virtual visit using our CPSM reporting system.
4. Once you have submitted this report it will be reviewed and if accepted you will be sent a certificate which will then allow you to start accepting jobs online!

If you have any further questions you can call us on 1300 88 33 16 or email us at

If you are interested in becoming part of the Secret Customer Family, register now and you will be given access to our online compliance e-learning facility. Once you pass the test, you will be contacted by one of our senior consultants.

How do I become a mystery customer with Secret Customer?

To become a mystery customer with Secret Customer, you must fill out an online application form. You’ll also need to provide some personal details, undergo a brief free training session and pass an assessment.

Once approved, you can accept assignments via our online portal and start evaluating customer service experiences while enjoying the perks of the job.

Is there any cost involved in becoming a mystery shopper in Australia?

No, there is typically no cost involved in becoming a mystery shopper in Australia. We do not charge fees to apply or become a shopper. Instead, we pay you to complete assignments.

How often will I receive assignments as a mystery customer?

The frequency of assignments as a mystery customer varies based on several factors, including your location, the number of clients in your area and your own availability and performance. Some shoppers receive tasks weekly, while others may have opportunities less frequently.

Are mystery customers required to reveal their identity to businesses?

No, mystery customers are not required to reveal their identity to the businesses they evaluate. The essence of mystery shopping is to anonymously assess the customer service experience, ensuring that the feedback is genuine and reflects standard operations.

How do I submit my evaluation after completing an assignment?

After completing an assignment, submit your evaluation through the Secret Customer portal. Log in to your account, access your assignment list and fill out the provided survey or report form with your observations and feedback. We’ve ensured the entire process is streamlined and user-friendly.

Is there any training provided for your mystery customers?

Yes, training is provided for all our mystery customers. Secret Customer offers a free online training session that shoppers must complete successfully before starting their assignments. This training ensures that your future evaluations are conducted effectively and consistently.

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