Mystery shopping in Australia presents an invaluable opportunity for businesses seeking to elevate their customer service and operational standards. By simulating real customer experiences, it offers direct insights into how your business operates from a customer’s perspective. This unique approach helps identify areas for improvement, from staff interactions to operational efficiency.

Participating in our mystery shopping service opens the door to a deeper understanding of your customer journey, allowing you to refine your services and enhance customer satisfaction.

Why choose Secret Customer for mystery shopping in Australia?

Here at Secret Customer our on-site evaluations are unrivalled in their accuracy and adaptability. We have our very own, exclusive software package that helps us ensure that your company specific reports gather and monitor the type of information that is important to you.

How does retail mystery shopping in Australia work?

You decide on the frequency of the visits and how you would like the information presented and who you would like the information presented to. As much as our programs are designed and tailored to suit your needs you will always have access to our team of customer service and data experts to guide you through the process and make sure you are using the most effective tools for your business.

Our fully trained and vetted secret customer associates will visit your stores as any other customer and give you the feedback that is most useful to you in improving your processes. Our whole team are looking for any piece of information they feel would benefit you and will always take the time to explain why they feel it is useful to you.

You will have access to your results via individual reports that are emailed through to you and your team as well as being able to access our bespoke reporting software through your own client portal.


Building your tailored customer experience strategy

Together we define the desired outcomes that will shape the campaign.

We will produce the required questions groups and KPI’s to ensure we are collecting the correct and most useful information

We assist you (if required) to introduce the program to your team to ensure it achieves maximum engagement

We organise, conduct and report the assignments and help you increase your customers satisfaction

Unlock the power of internal audits and competitor analysis campaigns

With our internal company auditing programs, you get an unparalleled view of your operations from the inside out. These audits are essential for businesses across Australia seeking to perfect their customer interactions and ensure service excellence. Moreover, our competitor analysis campaigns are designed to provide you with the insights needed to stand out in Australia’s competitive retail landscape.


Leverage advanced data for informed decisions

Embrace the future with our cutting-edge NPS data collection and management and online surveys. Transform customer feedback into actionable strategies that drive growth and satisfaction.


Transparent pricing for every business

Discover our pricing packages, offering clear and flexible options to meet the diverse needs of businesses, big and small. Investing in mystery shopping in Australia means investing in your business’s future success.


Become a part of the mystery shopping revolution

Are you keen on contributing to superior retail experiences in Australia? Mystery shopping offers a unique opportunity to make extra money by doing activities you already enjoy. Your tasks could involve visiting places like cafes, restaurants, cinemas or other local businesses. After your visit, you complete an online survey to share your experience and observations. Join us and become a mystery shopper today! 


Discover the benefits of retail mystery shopping in Australia

At Secret Customer, we’re here to help your business create unforgettable customer experiences and drive retail innovation in Australia. Let’s work together to make every customer interaction an opportunity to shine!

Have questions or need further insights about mystery shopping in Australia? Get in touch with our team, and we’d be happy to help. Or, for quick answers to common queries, check out our comprehensive FAQ section.


What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is a method businesses use to gauge customer service, product quality and the overall consumer experience through anonymous evaluators. These evaluators, known as mystery shoppers, perform specific tasks like purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints, behaving in a certain way and then providing detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.

What types of businesses use mystery shopping services?

A wide range of sectors utilise retail mystery shopping in Australia, including retail stores, restaurants, banks, hotels and many more. Any business that interacts with customers can benefit from the insights provided by mystery shopping.

How can my business benefit from mystery shopping?

Your business can gain invaluable insights into customer journey, staff performance and operational efficiency. Mystery shopping in Australia helps identify strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring your business aligns with customer expectations and industry standards.

What criteria are evaluated during a mystery shopping visit?

Criteria can include staff knowledge and friendliness, environment cleanliness, speed of service, product availability and compliance with company policies. Custom criteria can also be developed to meet the specific needs of your business.

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