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    On-site Mystery Shopping services coupled with a web-based customer and staff survey platform to ensure you have a true understanding of your brand reputation… All for one low price

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    Happy Customers Spend More Money

    We want to change the world!

    We want to help make the world a happier place to live!

    We believe we can help do that, one happy customer at a time!

    We believe that if we can help our customers make their customers happier we will go some way to achieving our goal!

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    What We Believe

    That great customer service should be the number one focus for businesses looking to succeed and build a sustainable and growing client base.

    Understanding the perceived level of service you are offering to your customers is impossible without measuring the level of their engagement and satisfaction.

    Customers who feel valued and genuinely engaged with, will think less about the overall cost and more about the buying experience itself.

    What We Do

    Great customer service can be measured, improved and maintained through a well-structured and professionally written mystery shopping campaign.

    With our secret shopping services, we are helping our clients improve their bottom-line profits by providing them the support to execute these campaigns.

    Customers spend more time and more money at stores where they receive great customer service and will return over and over again.

    If you’re interested in joining our network of consultants as a secret shopper, we’d love to hear from you — reach out today to learn more about our free online training program.


    What is Secret Customer?

    Secret Customer is a specialised customer experience and market research company that provides services designed to help businesses understand and improve their customer service, internal operations and competitive positioning. Focusing on gathering and analysing customer insights, we enable organisations of all shapes and sizes to make informed decisions that enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty and overall business performance.

    We’re not just about identifying areas for improvement and understanding customers’ perceptions; we partner with clients to foster a culture of continuous enhancement, aiming for excellence in every customer interaction to help companies achieve more sustainable growth.

    What services does Secret Customer offer?

    Here is a brief overview of the services we provide:


    • Mystery shopping — Secret shoppers evaluate customer service, product quality and the purchasing process, providing businesses with actionable insights to enhance customer interactions.
    • Competitor analysis — Through secret shopper visits, businesses gain insights into competitors’ practices, helping them identify opportunities to outperform in the market.
    • Internal auditing — Secret shoppers conduct audits to ensure internal processes meet company standards, identifying areas for improvement in operational efficiency.
    • NPS data collection — Utilising secret shoppers for NPS surveys helps businesses measure customer loyalty and satisfaction, offering a clear view of their market standing.
    • Online surveys— Secret shoppers participate in online surveys, gathering customer feedback that businesses use to refine their offerings and service delivery.
    How can secret shopping help my business improve its customer service?

    Incorporating mystery shopping into your business strategy offers a practical approach to refining your customer service. Secret shopping can benefit your business in several key ways:


    • Objective feedback and customer insights — Mystery shoppers provide an unbiased assessment of your customer service experience from a customer’s perspective. This objective feedback can highlight areas where your staff excels and identify opportunities for improvement.By experiencing your services as customers do, secret shoppers can give detailed insights into the customer journey within your business. This includes everything from initial greetings and product or service knowledge to checkout, helping you understand how customers perceive your brand.
    • Employee performance evaluation — Our secret shopping services allow your business to evaluate staff performance in real-world, real-life situations. From adherence to company protocols and customer interaction quality to handling enquiries and complaints, we help provide a clear picture of your team’s strengths while highlighting potential training opportunities.
    • Competitive analysis — Mystery shoppers can also assess your competitors to provide insights into strengths and weaknesses, which can help you devise strategies to improve your offerings and customer experience.
    How much does it cost to use Secret Customer?

    The cost of using our services can vary depending on the scope of the secret shopping program, the complexity of the assignments, the number of locations to be evaluated and the project’s specific objectives. Since we deliver customised services tailored to your business’s needs, contact our team today to request a quote.

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