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How Important is Retail Training For a Retail Salesperson

Oct 22

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10/22/2012 5:15 PM  RssIcon

How you felt when you walked through the door into the retail store is exactly how customers feel when they walk into your retail store. What you went to purchase at the store and what customers come to your store to purchase is somewhat immaterial. What matters is that you found yourself in a strange territory and someone (the salesperson) approached you and tried to sell you something. The same thing happens to customers vising your store. They find themselves in a strange territory where they are approached by a stranger who has apparently set his or her mind upon selling them something.

When you walk into a retail store, you are approached by a salesperson who, after throwing a pretty lame greeting your way, begins his or her mission of selling you something. The salesperson begins with something insignificant like "Can I help you?" It’s quite apparent that they are ill-trained. They are either desperate to make a sale to the point of appearing pathetic, or are too unconcerned and it’s quite clear that they couldn’t care less about you and the thing you want to purchase. And what do you do? Of course, you try to avoid them at all costs. In fact, you nip any ideas they might have of practicing their ill-developed sales skills on you in the bud the moment the first sentence is out of their mouth. And how do you do so? Of course, by saying something in the territory of “Just looking”. You then walk away from them and hope they’d get the message and not follow you around.

The situation is really tricky––you want to buy something and the salesperson wants to sell it to you, but you want to be left alone. That is, unless the thing you want to buy is right there or you have set your sights on a particular thing.

Think of the number of retail stores you have visited where the salesperson, had he or she the right retail training, could have made the difference, but didn’t. As a result, you came out of the store with your money right there in your pocket instead of the store’s till. Compare this number with the number of times you came out of a store with empty pockets and laden with purchases in spite of your dislike for the salesperson and the appalling service you received there. Compare the number and you will get an answer to how much difference retail training can make on a salesperson’s ability to make a sale.

It takes several successful activities to conclude a retail sale. These activities include successful advertising, successful branding, successful word-of-mouth promotion, etc. These activities complimented by a customer’s specific needs bring him or her to a retail store. Once the customer crosses the threshold of the store, all the activities that contributed toward bringing him or her there cease to have any effect. Once the customer is delivered into the hands of a salesperson, the overall experience he or she receives from the salesperson determines whether a successful sale will be made or not. If the salesperson is well-trained as a result of consistent retail training, a sale is most likely to occur, but if that’s not the case, the customer leaves the store with yet another story of a bad experience to tell.

So what kind of qualities retail training helps develop in salesperson as a result of which he or she is able to engage the attention of customers, make them feel comfortable and eventually make a sale? Let’s have a look. Retail training helps salespersons become someone who engages, recommends, appears credible, up sells, is likeable and friendly, listens attentively, builds relationships and is enthusiastic.

These are the qualities you should aim at inculcating in your retail staff through effective retail training, so that they are able to make customers feel comfortable and eventually make sales, which is the main goal of every retail store.



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