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Does a Secret Shopper Really Get Paid for Shopping?

Nov 20

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11/20/2012 9:39 AM  RssIcon

In Australia mystery shopping offers many opportunities for people to get paid to shop for products and services at a wide array of venues. Common examples include restaurants, hotels, retail stores, movie theatres, amusement parks, banks, salons, and much more. A great majority of mystery shopping assignments are aimed at evaluating the customer service at such establishments.

A secret shopper generally visits the business establishment, evaluates the customer service provided there and after the completion of the mystery shop submits a report. The reports submitted by secret shoppers help the owners of the establishments being evaluated gain valuable insight into their operations and levels of customer service, which in turn helps them take steps and make changes aimed at improvement.

Owners of business establishments are willing to pay you – a secret customer – to shop at their business establishments. As a result you get to have a lot of fun on a variety of different shopping adventures and in the process earn a decent amount of money.

In most mystery shopping assignments that require you to purchase an item or two for the purpose of evaluation, you are usually paid a fee for conducting the evaluation in addition to being reimbursed for your purchases. This can be a great way to acquire products that may seemingly have little monetary value individually, but the monetary value of items acquired free of cost from several mystery shops can add up to be quite substantial. In fact, mystery shopping can be a great way to purchase holiday or birthday presents for family and friends. What could be better than making use of mystery shopping assignments to have fun buying presents for such occasions and have your shopping sprees paid for by the clients? As a secret shopper you will no longer have to pay your hard earned money to buy Christmas presents for the string of uncles, aunts and second, third, and fourth cousins (wonder if there is such a thing as a “fourth cousin”) who receive a present from you each year; mystery shopping will take care of that for you. 

The fun offered by mystery shopping doesn’t end with such small small-pay fun shops. Mystery shopping also offers opportunities offering greater fun. Wouldn’t it be thrilling to go out with your significant other for a great “all expenses paid” dinner at a nice restaurant? What about a night at the movie theatre that doesn’t cost you a dime? And could there be anything better for those with kids to have a paid for trip to a great amusement park?

In recent years mystery shopping has become very popular. There has been a substantial increase in the number of mystery shopping companies as well as business establishments willing to pay for mystery shopping. As a result, no matter what section of the society you belong to, you can easily find mystery shopping assignments that suit you. That is, if you sign up with reputable mystery shopping companies like Secret Customer Australia – companies that have numerous and varied clients.

Although the promise of reimbursement for purchases and services paid for by the client lure many a secret shopper, the greatest driving force for a shopaholic is the activity itself. Shopping – mystery or otherwise –is fun. And if it becomes part of a job, there is no end to the fun. But being a secret shopper involves much more than mere shopping. It combines the fun of shopping with the thrill of being a private eye on an assignment rooting out information for a client. Can anything else even come close to matching that?

It’s all about learning to be a great secret shopper. The better you become at your job, the higher paying and more fun opportunities you will get.


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