Company Mystery Shopping – Mystery Shopping Made Simple

Company Mystery Shopping – Mystery Shopping Made Simple

Written by William Miller



Company mystery shopping, secret shopping, or mystery shopping made simple is any easy way to make extra money. All large companies use secret shoppers to evaluate the performance of their employees. A secret shopper is paid to shop, and then give an unbiased evaluation about the experience. Mystery shopping is utilized by retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, cell phone companies, and most chain stores.

Therefore, an excellent opportunity is available to make money part or full-time while shopping. This is a great job for stay-at-home moms and dads, retirees, students, or anyone that is looking for a fun way to earn extra income. Most secret shoppers are part time. However, some people have turned this into a full-time income.

Be careful not to fall for companies that charge a fee to find you jobs. There are currently several companies scamming people out of their hard-earned money. It will not cost you anything to sign up and start receiving jobs. So, do not pay anything to get started because it is not necessary. There are many websites where you can sign up for free.

To get started, it is as simple as registering online with businesses that are currently looking for secret shoppers. Make sure that you check your e-mail frequently because most of the time the early bird gets the worm. You probably received the same job that was sent to several other secret shoppers.

A computer, Internet service, and fax service, are typically required to get started. A digital camera may also be required for some assignments. Mystery shoppers generally earn $10-$15 per assignment. Fortunately, most assignments can be completed in a few minutes. You can get paid to eat at your favorite restaurant, watch a movie, shop at the Gap, pump gas at BP, or take vacation to the Bahamas. Some people secret shop just to get the free services.

Before accepting an assignment, make sure that you can complete it accurately. You do not want to tarnish your reputation. Like any business, you have to keep your employer happy. Take your time and read over the assignment to make sure you are capable of performing the requested services. Also, it is a good idea to schedule several jobs in one part of town if possible. This will save precious time and gas.

When you arrive at the business, be careful to make sure that you blend in with the other customers. The last thing that you want to do is tip off the employees. After the shop is over, make sure you take detailed notes. Only include the facts in your report. Do not include your personal opinions.

In summary, company mystery shopping, secret shopping, or mystery shopping made simple is a great part time job for students, retirees, stay at home moms or dads, or anyone that is looking for extra money. Mystery shoppers generally earn between $10-$15 per assignment and receive several free services. It is free to get started by simply signing up online for companies that are seeking secret shoppers. Most everyone shops anyway, so why not get paid while you are shopping?

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