Get an Insight to Mystery Shopping

Get an Insight to Mystery Shopping

Written by Chris Richard Parks 



It is said that ‘customer is God’ and righteous costumer service is the bread and butter for any business. Good promotions, heavy discounts, etc. are some of the ways by which one can attract new consumer, but a business is a success only when the old clients keep coming back. A business may be small or big, but it is the quality of service that matters. This is the reason why retail service providers hire market research companies which use mystery shopping as a tool to collect facts about any specific product or check the quality of service.

Let us explore more about mystery consumer and improving the quality of service using unknown resources.

What is mystery shopping?

In simple words, it is a method to judge the candor of an employee and collect information about the response to the new products or services launched.

Who Does The Shopping?

Mystery shoppers are masters of disguise who pretend as usual customer. They purchase products, get their queries cleared, and act in a specific manner to find out how does a specific person react to a particular situation. Then they chart down all the facts and submit a detailed report to the concerned authority.

Which Businesses Can Use Such Shoppers?

Almost any business that caters to public demands can use such services. A few of such examples are restaurants, shopping stores, hotels, banks, spas, casinos, hospitals, clubs, parks, etc.

Why Secret Shopping Is Required?

This is done to measure the genuineness of the employees who attend to the customers. A company would like to ensure that people coming to their outlet or store, for example, are dealt with in a polite and concerned manner, and they leave as satisfied customers and keep coming back.

What Are The Advantages Of Becoming A Mystery Shopper?

Becoming a store detective can be quite exciting. Besides keeping an eagle’s eye on the employee, one can easily mingle with the crowd. Above all, you get paid for buying stuff, getting a spa, getting the eyes checked, watching a movie, etc., that too when one is being paid for availing such services by the head hunter and also making money.

How Do Such Services Help The Companies?

The skilled professionals, who carry out mystery shopping with the approval of the organization, determine the adeptness level of employees on their surveillance by looking for things like: whether the welcome note set by the boss is followed? Does the worker tell his clients about the additional offers available? Is the company person polite? Does the wage worker help the customer choose the right brand? Is he competent enough to make a long lasting relation with the client?

What Are The Benefits Of Such A System?

The appraisal of the employee depends on the result and ranking of such evaluation. The staff can be given a training session in the area they are lacking. The real problem that clients face may be sorted out. This can improve the quality of service and strengthen the business multifold.

This is just an overview of mystery shopping which helps its clients get the actual scenario of their workplace as they cannot be present everywhere. Giving is client’s better business opportunities.

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