How Mystery Shopping Can Benefit You

How Mystery Shopping Can Benefit You

Written by Eric Brooks 


You may have heard about mystery shopping, but don’t understand how it works. For over half a century, people have used mystery shopping to make money and receive free services and products.

Every day while you are shopping in your local grocery store or dining in your favorite restaurant, chances are you’ve walked right past a mystery shopper. The reason you didn’t notice them is because one of the most important requirements to be a mystery shopper is to remain anonymous.

There aren’t any physical job requirements to do most mystery shops. Regardless of where you live, your age, or your socioeconomic status, there are mystery shopping assignments available for people like you.

When working as a mystery shopper, you can choose the amount and type of assignments that you want to accept. This allows you to choose your income, and work part time or full time.

Mystery shoppers are utilized by many of the major brands and corporations that you are already familiar with. They use mystery shoppers to gain insight on how the typical customer views their company.

Mystery shoppers perform work for a wide variety of businesses including:


  • Hotels
  • Cellular Phone Stores
  • Wholesale Clubs
  • Museums


When I first signed up as a mystery shopper, I was surprised to learn that many different businesses in my area, many of which I patronize, have mystery shopping assignments available. I found myself driving down the road and saying to myself “I just saw a shop posted for there the other day”. Mystery shopping has provided a way for me to make extra money while shopping at places I already visit. It is also given me a chance to try some new places that I wouldn’t have normally tried.

Each assignment that you receive will be different and will include instructions on specifically what needs to be done. Here is an overview of how a typical assignment is performed.

A potential mystery shopper receives an assignment and thoroughly reviews the requirements and does the necessary preparation.

The shopper arrives at the location to be shopped during the time period specified in the assignment. The shopper observes the level of customer service provided, the cleanliness of the location, and the amount of time it takes for the employees to acknowledge and serve the shopper.

After completing the shop, the shopper submits a report on the findings of his/her assignment using the web site of the company that the work was performed for. The mystery shopper is then paid for the work that they performed via check or electronic transfer. This can take up to several weeks for payment to be received.

Not only can mystery shopping provide you with money a free products, you can have a great time while doing it. If you enjoy shopping, this can be the most fun you have ever had while at “work”.

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