How to Get a Mystery Shopping Job

How to Get a Mystery Shopping Job

Written by Jon Amos 


Would you like to earn money by shopping at your favorite stores, eating at restaurants and giving your opinion in the form of online questionnaires? Would you like to receive free meals, products and services?

Mystery shopping is the best way to earn extra cash in your spare time and many people always ask me how I do it. So I have decided to create this article in order to give people an insight into what mystery shopping involves and also how you can get started in this lucrative industry TODAY!

Firstly virtually anybody can become a mystery shopper, male or female, 18-81, quite simply companies want to find out whether their customers are being satisfied? Are their policies being followed? and generally whether their business is running as it should be.

In order to answer the above questions they employ “MYSTERY SHOPPERS”, if a company wants to discover whether their customers are being satisfied, then YOU play that very role and companies are willing to pay you for your honest opinions and sharing your valuable data.

Below are some of the questions you will be required to answer during a mystery shopping exercise:

How would you rate the customer service you received? Was your shopping experience at our store positive or negative? Were you treated in a friendly and courteous manner? Were there any problems on your visit?

Below are some of the benefits of being a mystery shopper:

You can work full or part-time. You choose the hours and days you wish to work. You choose the “jobs” you want to undertake! You can bring your partner or children on assignments with you.

Retail Stores, Fast Food Outlets, Restaurants, Bars, Casinos, Liquor Stores, Movie Theaters, Online Stores and many more are in urgent need of Mystery Shoppers right now. These companies are ready and willing to pay YOU generously for providing your honest data and opinions.

Imagine the next time someone asks what do you do for a living, you can tell you get paid to shop and eat. You will get great satisfaction from knowing that you are respected by your peers, getting generously paid and having fun all at the same time.

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