3 Popular Mystery Shopping Services

3 Popular Mystery Shopping Services

Written by Kevin James Saunders

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?3-Popular-Mystery-Shopping-Services&id=6834641

Mystery shopping services assess a firm and its operations without intruding into the daily activities. Just as the name suggests employees may not even notice there is an evaluation process going on because it involves secret shoppers who move about the location collecting facts about products, delivery process, and the overall atmosphere in the firm.

Some mystery shopping services stand out because they involve advanced technological ways of collecting information. For instance, an individual can request for the telephone assessment process, which involves recorded conversations of calls made by clients. The package for this task differs with some offering a feedback report, account management portal, dashboard live reporting, as well as confirmation calls.

The telephone mystery shopping packages are ideal for call centers, travel agencies, and nonprofit making organizations, automotive dealers, and hotels amongst others. However, a firm can settle for other mystery shopping services that are conducted onsite. The team used for this task is trained in advance before being sent to the location. This ensures that they make calls or queries based on the particular goals of the assessment process.

In addition, reports of the secret shop are customized to suit the firm. The assessment process is recorded for playback whether audio or video. Once the problem areas are identified, tips are offered to assist the firm adapt its training process. The onsite evaluation process also offers free learning webinars with information about this procedure.

Onsite mystery shopping services are suitable for airlines, equipment, and car rental firms, fitness outlets and gyms, as well as companies in the hotel industry. Other media that make the assessment process worthwhile is social media. As more companies realize that social networks are attracting users in the millions; and they are good places to source for clients, it is a welcome decision to find out what clients on this platform think.

This provides feedback about products from mystery shopping by clients in different parts of the world who have varying needs. It works alongside the phone and onsite evaluation processes by reaching out to a larger audience in the Internet market. In essence, most interactions between employees and clients take place on the Internet as more companies move to internet sites.

It means this relationship must be strengthened so that a firm gains advantage over competitors and creates brand loyalty. The mystery shopping services will check the response clients get upon making inquiries, and whether the team is rapid in making follow ups through electronic mails or phone calls. In addition, the evaluation process checks whether clients have someone to help them purchase products or to clarify information and queries.

The firm and its workforce will have day and night access to the mystery shopping portal to view reports and download tools amongst other tasks depending with the service package chosen. On the same note, the firm can teach its staff how to use the portal, and read the assessment reports. The site also includes videos that firms can use to learn about this process before selecting an assessment package.

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