5 Benefits of Mystery Shopping: Start Making Money Today!

5 Benefits of Mystery Shopping: Start Making Money Today!

Written by Benjamin Norman 

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?5-Benefits-of-Mystery-Shopping:-Start-Making-Money-Today!&id=6228516

Mystery shoppers are employed to test employees, products and customer service of an organization, whether it be online, over the phone or in person. So what are the benefits of being a mystery shopper? Here are five benefits:

1. Getting paid!
Imagine getting paid to go into a shop and buy your liquor, food or gas. Not only do you get reimbursed for doing these jobs, you even get paid to make these day to day purchases. Imagine how much money you could save? Doing a few jobs can quickly build your bank balance!

2. It’s a fun job.
Some mystery shoppers enjoy the job because it is like going undercover as a detective. Not only this, they also get paid to fly interstate, sleep in five star hotels and eat at restaurants. Again, this is all paid for and they get paid on top to do this! How would you like to get paid to take a holiday?

3. Anyone can do it.
There is no discrimination. Anyone can become a mystery shopper. Whilst some jobs do require a certain demographic, any sex or age group can mystery shop. Even if you are retired or employed full time, there is always a need for your skills to be utilized. I work full time but still manage to do anywhere between 50-150 jobs per month.

4. Good money can be made.
Whilst some jobs don’t pay too well, others can be very rewarding. If you factor in things such as reimbursement on top of the pay, a lot of money can be made and saved. Whilst there are jobs that may pay as low as $5, some jobs such as test driving a car can pay upwards of $50, even if the job only takes 15 minutes! Now that’s not bad is it? If you are employed full time, a second income stream can be handy.

5. You can perfect your negotiation skills.
Many jobs set out to test the salesperson’s selling skills. The customer employing the mystery shopper usually wants to find out how well the salesperson pushes for the sale and this alone can help you get a great price. In addition to this, you may also get the confidence required to push a salesperson to give you a price that you are after when you aren’t mystery shopping. Believe me; I was able to get a notebook down from $1800 to $1300 by utilizing my shopping skills!

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