Free Mystery Shopping Jobs

Free Mystery Shopping Jobs

Written by Terry Dunn


The internet is a wonderful place to find free mystery shopping jobs and related information. This $600 million industry offers professional shoppers with the opportunity to work flexible hours and earn money while doing it. A wealth of information on free mystery shopping jobs is just a click away. In fact, not only information, but also links to free mystery shopping jobs and associations are readily available.

Mystery shoppers are freelance, independent contractors who agree to evaluate certain businesses before completing a findings report. This report will contain such information as customer service, employee courtesy, product selection, merchandising and more. If there is an area that needs improving, this will be noted in the report and give the business owners an independent look at what could be improved within their franchise.

Free mystery shopping jobs resources may contain such information as listings for local jobs, message boards where professional shoppers may interact, upcoming conferences and special events for shoppers and more. Mystery shoppers are paid for each business that they evaluate and, while some resources require a fee, there are many free mystery shopping jobs guides that can be found with minimal research.

While this industry is popular and steadily growing, many are still unfamiliar with the process and even wonder if it’s legitimate. The truth is that business owners actually appreciate the industry because it gives them an edge in knowing which areas need improving. During a known inspection, everyone will be on their best behavior. However, a mystery shopper who poses as a customer gives no clues that he/she is evaluating the business and, therefore, is provided with an actual picture of daily operations.

Major chain stores and hotels hire mystery shopping jobs professionals to work directly with them. In fact, they are happy with the industry and use it to conduct regular visits to their various franchises. Not all mystery shopping evaluators are in-house professionals, however. There are individual companies who organize, and hire, mystery shoppers to evaluate businesses. These individuals are compensated on an individual basis at a predetermined amount for each mystery shopping jobs job that they complete. This type of assignment classifies the shopper as an independent contractor, which is also known as being self-employed.

Mystery shopping is a very large industry and can be very competitive, especially if you live in a large area where everyone is competing for free mystery shopping jobs information. If you are interested in seeking work as a mystery shopper, an internet search may provide results for free mystery shopping jobs information your area. In addition, local marketing firms or radio commercials may reveal information on free mystery shopping jobs in your local area.

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